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Asian-style noodles
for everyone

There is no pleasure quite the same as tucking into a delicious steaming bowl of soup noodle. At Mian Jia Noodle Bar, this is what you can look forward to. And there's more.


Choose your type of noodle


Asian noodles come in different shapes, sizes and textures. It all comes down to our preferences.


Choosing your noodle should not be a daunting task. That's why we make it simple by offering you three types of noodles. (1) You Mian (2) Thin Kway Teow (3) Gong Zai Mian


Iberico Pork. Not your pink piggy

Iberico pigs are black pigs from the Iberian Penisula of Spain. They roam freely in pastures and oak forests and feed on grasses, herbs and roots. 


Iberico pork is well-known for delivering exceptional flavour and texture. Probably the most coveted pork in the world.


Try our Signature Stewed Iberico Pork noodle soup, and fall in love at first bite


Live Boston Lobsters. Air-flown and deliver to us daily

If you love lobsters, you are in for a succulent treat. Walk into our restaurant and you will see our Boston lobsters swimming in the tank. 


They are air-flown and deliver to our restaurant daily, thus giving you absolute freshness. Its meat is sweet and tender.


You have to try our Signature Live Boston Lobster Supreme Broth that will have you savouring every last drop.

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