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Homemade Wanton

It's a chef recommendation! 


We begin with grinding three main ingredients: Lean Pork, Pork Fat and Nai Bai.

We like having total control over the quality of our ground meat. 

You have to try this dish, and we think you will enjoy it. Unlike the classic wanton, Mian Jia’s Homemade Wanton resembles the shape of a curry puff. By shaping it this way, they taste fuller, juicier and more satisfying.

The filling is tender, crunchy and generous, and you can taste the real ingredients.

By grinding our own, we know it's freshly grounded. We do not buy pre-ground meat, which probably has been sitting around for some time. As a result, you get a denser texture.

We also avoid the risk of cross-contamination when we grind our meat using our own machine.

In this way, we ensure that our ground meat does not contain meat from dozens of animals, all processed together.

We can’t make good delicious wantons with just lean ground pork. Without some fat, lean ground pork can turn out tough and tasteless.

Last but not least, we use Nai Bai to give our wantons some crunch.

After grinding all the three main ingredients, we mix them together in a mixing tool. Once they well mixed, we then carefully and skilfully shape the wanton to resemble a curry puff.


To cook a perfect wanton, it takes about six minutes. 


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