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There is no pleasure quite the same as tucking Into a delicious steaming bowl of soup noodle. At Mian Jia Noodle Bar, that's what you can look forward to. And there’s more. 

Choose your type of noodle

Asian noodles come in different shapes, sizes and textures. It all comes down to our preferences. Choosing your noodle should not be a daunting task. That’s why we make this simple by offering you three types of noodles:


(1) You Mian (2) Thin Kway Teow and (3) Gong Zai Mian


You Mian refers to thin noodle, and they have a firm texture. If you like your noodle dry, we recommend you to choose You Mian.


Also known as flat rice noodle, Kway Teow means rice cake strip. This noodle has a smooth, bouncy and chewy texture. Whether it is served dry or soup, it is a popular choice for many people.


Gong Zai Mian is typically served with luncheon meat and a fried egg. The young ones seem to favour this noodle dish quite a bit. For most of us, Gong Zai Mian is a favourite childhood comfort food. At our restaurant, we jazz it up with our ingredients - the "Mian Jia" style. We love the fact that Gong Zai Mian is a versatile noodle that tastes equally good - dry or soup. So have it your way!

Dry or Soup? You decide

Once again, preferences vary amongst us. Some of us like dry noodle while others enjoy soup noodle. 


We have customers who fell head over heels for our dry noodle. We think it’s because we toss it with a special sauce. It gives our dry noodle that delicious and sweet tasty flavour. And if you like some heat, ask for our homemade chilli sauce. We think you will love it too.


If you are looking for something to satisfy your soul and your stomach, only a bowl of comfort soup will do the trick. Soups are the ultimate comfort food and the foundation of a soul-satisfying meal. 


We offer two types of soup; (1) Live Boston Lobster Supreme Broth (2) Pork Bone Soup


Probably everyone’s favourite comfort soup, our Pork Bone Soup is essentially a deep and rich pork stock made by simmering collagen-rich pork bones. The outcome? You get to savour a flavourful, nutritious and hearty soup.


If you are hungry for something on the more decadent side, our Live Boston Lobster Supreme Broth is the ultimate indulgence. The broth is rich and sweet with a hint of the sea. We won’t be surprised if you ask for a refill! We usually serve it with a half lobster but if you want to indulge in a whole lobster instead, we are happy to accommodate your special request.

Some like it hot and some sweat when the heat is on

On our menu, you will find some dishes that spark fire on your palette. 


For those who can’t handle too much heat, or perhaps you are a spicy addict, we offer three level of spiciness; (1) Mild, (2) Medium (3) Burning. We shall let your preference guide your choice. 

More noodle or soup? Yes please!

Slurp to the last drop and still want more? You can order a soup refill at $1.00 for our pork bone soup and $1.90 for our supreme broth.


And if you are craving for more noodles, you can also order an extra portion at $1.00.  

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